Top 3 Drugstore foundations!

Updated: Apr 21

As much as I love my Estee Lauder Double wear foundation $43 (which is my favorite high-end foundation) I always like to try new drugstore foundations in hopes to find a good dupe for it. In the process, I have come across some really good ones which I will be sharing today with you guys.

First off, one of the closest dupes I have found so far for my Double Wear is The Wet N Wild Photo focus foundation $4.69. Big price difference isn't it? Although this is a really good foundation and it's very affordable there are some small differences. The scent on this foundation is very strong which some people may not like. It does feel heavy on the skin if you apply too much because it is a thicker consistency in comparison to the Estee Lauder Double wear. Other than these 2 things it is pretty much the same coverage, finish and wear longevity. I love it so much.

Second is the L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte liquid long-wear foundation $12.99. I love a matte finish. This foundation does just that for me. It gets rid of all the shine on my face, which I love. If your skin is dry I do not recommend this one because it will most likely cause dry patches, but if you have oily or combination it will probably work for you as it does for me.

Third and last but not least is the Maybelline Fit me matte+ poreless foundation $7.99. This one is also very good at reducing shine and mattifying the skin. The difference in this one is that this one does not last as much as the ones mentioned above. Other than that the finish is beautiful and its buildable full coverage.

These are just 3 of the best Drugstore foundations I have tried. There are many hidden gems in the drugstore that we have no idea about. Finding them is one of my many hobbies so I've got you covered!