Fashion and Trends.

Updated: Apr 21

Fashion, in my eyes, is quite simple. You simply have to find things you like, things you are comfortable in and that fit nicely. Experiment! Throw some pieces and accessories together and voilá, you have your ootd. It's honestly not complicated as it seems. Not all trends are meant for everybody, so it's okay if that one trend everyone is talking about and wearing is simply not your thing. The biggest mistake people make is to wear things they don't like or feel comfortable in just because it's in style and that's what everyone is wearing.Don't be that person. Chances are you will not feel comfortable nor confident about your outfit. Fashion gives you the power to feel confident and beautiful. You can wear what represents "#YOU". That's the beauty of it.

Personally, when I feel comfortable in my outfit that’s when I feel most confident. It's the best feeling ever.

Also, you don't need overly exaggerated expensive clothes to look amazing. Any piece of clothing can be dressed up or down. isn't that mind-blowing? A simple pair of leggings and a t-shirt can go from "simple" to "Wow that’s a nice fit" in 3.5 seconds. Add some jewelry, a leather jacket perhaps, pair it with a nice bag and maybe a hat and you went from 0 to 100 real quick. The possibilities are endless with fashion. It may change over the years but the concept behind it remains the same. Do you know what it is?

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